Elitech is pleased to announce a new temperature data logger for truck refrigerator (RMS – 010). The RMS-010 is the first functional and modular truck temperature data logger with a temperature control accuracy of ±0.1.

Temp Recorders for Trucks


“Nearly a third of vegetables and fresh foods are thrown away because they are stale or their quality has dropped below the internationally accepted standards. Many companies in the cold chain supply incur millions in lost revenue,” said Alice, Elitech Product Manager.

“Today, with our new temperature data logger, you can accurately monitor temperature and access a hard copy of the data. This will help improve the efficiency of any temperature sensitive transportation process.”

For more info ,please visit http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/elitech-designs-a-new-temperature-data-logger-for-truck-refrigerator-721822.htm