RCW-400A RF Temperature Logger

RCW-400A Temperature Logger

  • 3G (WCDMA) network, instant available, no communication distance limit, no need to install or debug;
  • Support base station location, timing uploads of location info for trace replay;
  • External audible and visual siren can tell alarm status in a timely and effective manner;
  • Set APN to freely match WCDMA system of mobile operator;
  • Data uploaded to cloud in real time, auto logging after networkdisconnection and auto resume uploading after network recovery.


RF Temperature Logger

Elitech RCW- 400A RF temperature logger is a high precision temperature and humidity measuring equipment. Its LCD screen displays a wide range of information such as the system time, current running status, record points, etc.

For real-time data transmission, every Elitech RF temperature logger is equipped with a 3G RF transceiver and microprocessor. These ensure long communication distance, advanced anti jamming capability and reliable networking. Data is uploaded to cloud platform via 3G network. This allows for timely analysis of temperature or humidity in cold chain supply management.

Elitech RF temperature logger’s 3G (WCDMA) network is reliable and flexible with no communication limits. No need to install software or debug, simply set APN to match the WCDMA system of the mobile operator.

In case the network disconnects, the RF temperature logger will auto-log to network. It auto-resumes uploading data after network recovery without human intervention.

To enhance safety, Elitech equips every RF temperature logger with alarms that have multiple modes of operation. These include via SMS, buzzer, external audible and visual siren. Users can set different alarm thresholds.

With the support base location, Elitech temperature logger uploads all information pertaining to location for faster trace and replay.

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Power supply12V/2.5A(DC)
Temperature measuring range -40℃~+70℃
Temperature accuracy±1.0℃(0℃~40℃); ±1℃( -25℃~0℃);±2℃( others)
Humidity measuring range10%~99%
Humidity accuracy±5%RH
Temperature  SensorNTC thermistor
Humidity SensorHoneywell
Record cycle1 min to 24H continuously settable
Record capacity20,000 points for each channel(Max)
Date exportvia USB in csv or txt
Bettery lifeabove 24 HR
Communicaterion interface3G,SMS
Alarm outputbuzzer and relay alarm
Stand-by bettery3.7V lithiem battery
Applicable environment
Temperature -10℃~+45℃
Indoor use only, prohibited from exposure to rain and sun

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RCW-400A applications

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